Hey, y'all! 

I use a double opt-in process because I want to make sure you really want to sign up for my newsletter. 
Once you've filled out the fields you'll receive a confirmation email, then another email with the link. 

I have 2 newsletters. One- the Fun Club- gets a lot of emails about contests, giveaways, polls, and things like picking the name of a character, book title, or even which book cover is used. This is maybe 3 emails in a month. 
The other- Just the Facts- just gets special announcements like new releases or special book deals I know about.  This one is infrequent at best. 

In both cases you'll be receiving a series of 4 emails from me (they'll be numbered). I'll be checking to make sure you could download that book, asking what you thought about it, telling you about me, and a little bit more about the series. 

So let's signup and get that book!  
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